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Being bloggers and makeup enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for new beauty products. We also have to constantly take care of our skin as applying too much makeup dehydrates your skin. Now with all products available online, we keep looking for good reliable websites which sell these products. In this quest, we came across a website called

It is an online store for all your beauty and healthcare needs. We know that there are so many websites selling beauty products these days. What is different about this website is that they have a specialised service where they recommend products according to your skin type and needs.

They also have an inhouse dermatologist for any personal queries about your skin or any products you are confused about. Generally while buying products online, the biggest apprehension one has it which product to buy exactly and it will suit your needs. It can be really disappointing when you buy a product by reading other people’s reviews and it ends up giving you a breakout even though it has a 5 star rating. Every person has different needs and this website tries to cater to those exact needs rather than just relying on other people’s reviews.

We personally have very sensitive skin. So we decided to give their services a try. We both have very different skin types so let us see what all we tried.

beauty website


Skin type – Combination with oily T-zone

  • Nature’s Co. Coffee Scrub – This is the first product I tried. I have an Oily T-zone but at times I tend to get dry patches around  my nose. I used it twice in a span of 7 days. I was really impressed and the best part is that the coffee beads are soft and not very harsh on your skin providing necessary exfoliation. Also It leaves your skin smooth and soft without ripping it off the necessary oils. I loved this product recommendation. Price – Rs975/-.        beauty website                                                                                                         Buy it here.
  • L’oreal Base Magique – This is a primer acting as a base for your       foundation . Since I have an Oily T-zone, I have large pores around my nose. This product works wonders for that. It completely hides the pores and makes the makeup stay for a long time. Generally makeup primers for oily skin end up making your face too flat and dull. We all love that dewy glow on our face. This product keeps your face matte yet provides a healthy glow to the skin. Surely a must have for people with large pores. Price –  Rs.950/-  .                beauty website                                                                                                          Buy it here.


Skin Type – Dry Skin and Flat thin Hair

  • TVAM Face Pack Rose Glow – A face pack perfectly suitable for dry skin. Since I have dry skin, it tends to lose moisture very easily. Also dry skin gets fatigue and age lines a lot early than oily skin. This product works wonders. It restores the moisture of your skin leaving it hydrated and soft. A great recommendation.  Price – Rs. 493/- . beauty website                                                                                                             Buy it here.
  • Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist – We all use heat products to style our hair but it really harms our hair a lot. Also as I have thin and flat hair damage done is much higher. So using a heat protection mist is a must to protect from all the damage. This one by Tony&Guy is great.The texture is also non greasy and spreads  evenly without having too use too much. Price – Rs.700/-.

beauty website

                                                                                                                     Buy it here.

In all we really like the product recommendations by You can shop for other products and use their services at

We will surely be using their services again.

Hope you liked our review.