Winter Skincare Routine with Vicco Turmeric Cream in Oil Base

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Winter can be a very hard time for people with dry skin and I have struggled very hard to find that perfect skincare regime that does not involve a lot of hard work and also is free of many chemicals.

I have a very dry and sensitive skin. This does not apply to my face only, it’s my entire body. Now my skincare regime is very simple, I start by using a face wash and follow it up with Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream In Oil Base which is a moisturizer.


The best part about this moisturiser is that it has a long-lasting moisturising effect on the skin. It prevents drying of the skin and leaves a protective film on the skin. Since it’s enriched with antiseptic properties of turmeric, it prevents and cures skin infection, boils, and also helps to cure wounds and burns.  It nourishes your skin, improves its tonal value and makes it beautiful.



My grandmother always used to use turmeric for skin when I was little and told me it was an amazing product for skin. Vicco Turmeric Skin cream in Oil base is completely chemical free. Then there is also the trust in Vicco as a brand and has been used by majority of Indians for generations and has never let us down.

My skin feels moisturised all day. I even use it on my whole body. It’s a complete all-in-one product and keeps me from carrying a whole lot of products when I am travelling. This one product does it all.

It can be used for all skin types and has no side effects.


Apart from this I use a face pack of gram flour, turmeric, honey and curd once a week for that extra glow.

This pretty much sums up my skincare routine for winters. Nothing fancy but it surely works for me.

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